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亚搏电竞app网站_张帅:现在比以往更珍惜比赛 明年力争去东京奥运

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   Among the 3 "Chinese Golden Flowers" ranked in the top 50 in the world, only Zhang Shuai participated in the whole race and played 11 stops.


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  图/Visual China

   For Zhang Shuai, after this week’s WTA Ostrava Open, this special 2020 season is over. From the restart of the season in early August to the end of the season, Zhang Shuai is the only Chinese player to participate in the entire competition. The epidemic shattered the tour and made Zhang Shuai cherish the tournament even more. Although he suffered a 6-game losing streak after the restart of the season, Zhang Shuai bluntly said that he has never desired and cherished the game as he does now. When it comes to next year, Zhang Shuai has only one small wish: there are more games to play.






   After the rematch in early August, the WTA schedule has been continuously updated. On September 11, WTA announced the addition of the Ostrava Open, which became the season ending station.

在8月初复赛之后,WTA时间表不断更新。 9月11日,WTA宣布增加俄斯特拉发公开赛,该赛事成为本赛季的终点站。

   After the French Open, Zhang Shuai stayed in Paris to prepare for the Ostrava Open. In the first round against the host player Mukhova, Zhang Shuai did not have any chance in the whole game. He went out with two 1 to 6 and bid farewell to the 2020 season with a defeat.


   Like all players, Zhang Shuai's 2020 season is destined to be remembered for life. Due to the epidemic, the tour only had one start and one end, and the number of events was halved. Among the three top 50 Chinese players in the WTA World Ranking, Wang Qiang participated in 6 matches and Zheng Saisai played 5 matches. The most contested Zhang Shuai played 11 stops, which is a lot less than her 26 stops last season.


   Despite the halving of the tournament, Zhang Shuai has performed well this season. At the beginning of the season, she reached the finals of the Tour Singles again after a lapse of three years at the Hobart Open, and then the Australian Open also reached the third round. In the first three races at the beginning of the season, Zhang Shuai's singles record was 7 wins and 3 losses, accounting for half of the year's wins.


   As of this week, Zhang Shuai is ranked 35th in the world, with a record of 14 wins and 11 losses this season. Five of the 14 victories came from the Grand Slam. In the Australian Open, Zhang Shuai scored in the third round and lost to the final champion Kenning. Coming to the French Open, Zhang Shuai set a record to reach the top 16 women's singles, and eventually lost to good friend Kvitova.

截至本周,张帅在世界排名第35位,本赛季创下14胜11负的纪录。 14次胜利中有5次来自大满贯。在澳网,张帅在第三轮得分,输给了决赛冠军肯宁。来到法国公开赛,张帅创下了单打前16名的纪录,最终输给了好朋友Kvitova。

   When he participated in the French Open at the end of September, Zhang Shuai bluntly said that he was very happy to be able to set foot on the French Open clay court. "It feels good to have a game. I saw the epidemic worsening at the beginning of the year and thought this year's tournament would be gone."

张帅在9月底参加法国网球公开赛时,直言不讳地说他很高兴能够踏入法国公开赛的红土球场。 “有一场比赛感觉很好。我看到流行在今年年初恶化了,以为今年的比赛将不复存在。”

   "I am looking at the ticket, and I hope I can return home as soon as possible, and spend the time before the Australian Open with my friends." After returning to China, Zhang Shuai will be quarantined for 14 days as required.






   The epidemic stopped all competitions. At the beginning of March, the WTA announced the suspension of the tour, which lasted for 5 months.

流行病停止了所有比赛。 3月初,WTA宣布暂停游览,历时5个月。

   In early August, the WTA Tour was restarted with difficulty. For safety reasons, Wang Qiang, Zheng Saisai, Peng Shuai and others have given up this season ahead of schedule. Among the Chinese players, Zhang Shuai signed up for the first time. She was the only Chinese player who insisted on playing a full season. It was her mother and coach Liu Shuo who accompanied her to the competition.


   After venturing to the United States, Zhang Shuai was hard to find. She signed up for both Cincinnati and U.S. Open matches in both singles and doubles. She hopes to play more matches to get her feelings back, but the process is much more difficult than expected. "Going back to the court again, the body functions are completely unable to adapt, and everything has to start again. ."

赴美冒险后,张帅很难找到。她参加了辛辛那提和美国公开赛的单打和双打比赛。她希望参加更多比赛以使自己的心情恢复原状,但过程比预期的要困难得多。 “再次回到球场,身体功能完全无法适应,一切都必须重新开始。”

   Due to the Schengen visa issue, Zhang Shuai stayed in the United States for two weeks, and arrived in Italy the day before the Rome game. After 24 hours of isolation, Zhang Shuai had only one hour to adapt to the clay court. From the hard court seamlessly to the ground, she suffered 6 consecutive losses in singles and doubles.


   Until the last Strasbourg Open before the French Open, Zhang Shuaihao, who played from the qualifying rounds, won 4 consecutive victories and reached the quarterfinals. "Coach Liu said that many players have played during this period. Whether it is an exhibition match or other low-level matches, the feeling of the game can always be maintained." Zhang Shuai said that although there has been training, the feeling of training and competition is different. From the Doha Open to Cincinnati, Zhang Shuai did not play for 6 months.

直到法网之前的最后一次史特拉斯堡公开赛,在预选赛中出战的张帅浩连续四场夺冠,进入八强。 “刘教练说,在此期间有很多球员参加比赛。无论是展览比赛还是其他低水平比赛,都可以保持比赛的感觉。”张帅说,虽然进行了训练,但是训练和比赛的感觉却有所不同。从多哈公开赛到辛辛那提,张帅缺席了6个月。

   Came to Paris with a peaceful mind, Zhang Shuai defeated the 12th seed Keith in the first round, and then won a streak of two local players Kone and Blair to enter the French Open for the first time. In doubles, Zhang Shuai and Kudmotova teamed up to the top 16. In the French Open alone, Zhang Shuai won 5 wins, 2 losses and $230,000 in prize money.


   After the season restarted, Zhang Shuai's total record was 6 wins and 6 losses in singles and 2 wins and 5 losses in doubles. What's interesting is that all of Zhang Shuai's 8 victories came from clay court, and his best hard courts are hard to find.






   In the 14 years since he became a professional player, Zhang Shuai has trained and played step by step every year. This year, due to the epidemic, she experienced the 28-day quarantine life for the first time, and also experienced the training for up to 3 months for the first time.


   After finishing the Confederations Cup at the end of February, Zhang Shuai went to Indian Wells to prepare for the Sunshine Doubles. Clinker, the tour was suspended in early March, and Zhang Shuai, who had returned to China, was arranged for isolation and observation at the Qinhuangdao training base. Just when the quarantine was about to end, Zhang Shuai’s quarantine period was extended by another 14 days because it was discovered that there were asymptomatic infections among the people who were quarantined at the same time. Throughout March, Zhang Shuai was isolated for 28 days.


   "Since the first day of training as a child, I haven't had a rest for so long." During the long isolation period, Zhang Shuai except for simple exercises in the room every day, the remaining time is cleaning, washing clothes, and washing sheets. On the day when the quarantine was lifted, Zhang Shuai went downstairs to carry his luggage, "I feel like I can't finish it."


   In May, Zhang Shuai went to Tianjin with the national team for a training camp, which lasted for another three months. These two special periods in his career gave Zhang Shuai a new understanding of tennis.


"Under the epidemic, the most obvious feeling is everyone's love for tennis. I cherish every opportunity to play more than ever. Before so many matches throughout the year, I played selectively. Now as long as there are matches, I want to Participate as much as possible." During the French Open, Zhang Shuai quickly signed up when he heard that there was a new hard-court event in the Czech Republic. ."

“在这亚搏电竞app网站种流行病中,最明显的感觉是每个人对网球的热爱。我珍惜每一次比赛的机会,比以往任何时候都多。在一年中有如此多的比赛之前,我有选择性地参加比赛。现在,只要有比赛,我就想参加尽可能地多。”法国公开赛期间,张帅听说捷克共和国发生了一场新的硬地比赛,因此迅速报名参加。 。”

"The tennis tournament can start again. I am very happy to participate in it and hope to participate in more matches next year." After this special season in Ostrava, Zhang Shuai hopes that the epidemic will improve and people all over the world will stay healthy. Everyone can be happy.


   Main performance of the season


   Hobart Open runner-up


   Australian Open round 3


   Strasbourg Open Top 8


   French Open Top 16


   First round of Ostrava Open


   Women's singles record in the 2020 season:


   14 wins and 11 losses


   Feature writing/The Beijing News Chief Correspondent Sun Haiguang


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